How to equip a garden and a recreation area near the house (inside the article – prize draw)

In this video, the author of the DIY channel, Sergey Safronov, will explain how to improve the site and choose high-quality garden tools at affordable prices.

The site needs regular maintenance and updating. Here’s what you can do to make your dacha or garden feel cozier and your vegetation in good condition all year round.

1. Divide the site into zones using different materials

Places for recreation, barbecues, games or car parking need certain coatings. For example, a platform for a car can be equipped with a lawn grate, paving stones or garden tiles. For recreation and entertainment, artificial turf, as well as plastic, rubber or wooden tiles, are suitable. You can also create a safe barbecue area yourself. You will need a mixture of sand, cement and water, a mold to pour and oil to lubricate, which will then allow you to easily remove it. Garden paths can be done in the same way.

2. Take care of the lawn, trees and bushes

To keep the grass dense and healthy, it needs to be cared for almost all year round. In autumn, as in summer, it is important to periodically mow the lawn with a lawn mower and trimmer. The last time the coating should be trimmed to frost. Leave a height of 5-6 centimeters for the winter. Tall grass will wither in frost and will interfere with new shoots in the spring.

Care is not limited to mowing. In order for the lawn to remain even and dense, it must be loosened, saturated with oxygen and fed with fertilizers. A verticutter is useful for restoring an old lawn with seeding. In spring and autumn, a scarifier will help to comb the lawn and remove small debris. An aerator provides easier loosening of the soil. You can also take a closer look at the universal device, which was created for all such work during the season on any lawn.

A blower will help you clean up faster – an outdoor vacuum cleaner, a garden wheelbarrow and a grass chopper. Don’t forget the bushes and trees. They are cared for with cordless shears and pruners, brush cutters, chain saws and pole pruners.

3. Protect plantings from frost, wind and weeds

To do this, it is necessary to build an air-dry shelter using arcs and covering material. The white protective material transmits light and does not create obstacles for the development of plants, while the black one protects against the growth of weeds. You can buy a ready-made greenhouse.

There is another good way to protect the soil in the autumn from weathering, washing out and freezing – mulching. This is the covering of the earth with inorganic mulch made of gravel, pebbles, cardboard, polyethylene or organic – from sawdust, needles, humus, hay, pine bark. Weeds under such shelter do not have enough light, so they die.

4. Add decorative elements

The garden will become more aesthetic if you use garden figures, fences for flower beds and beds, unusual arches and plants of different colors. Hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, barberries, boxwood, as well as dwarf juniper and other conifers are not afraid of autumn coolness. For winter, it is better to put potted plants in a cool, bright room, and place New Year’s decorations in the garden.

5. Use light sources

Pay attention to lighting. In addition to the practical function, street lamps can become an element of style. Take a closer look at solar-powered models: they are environmentally friendly and do not require electricity. With the help of such devices, you can illuminate paths, garden sculptures and building walls. For gazebos and verandas, pendant or ceiling lamps, as well as solar-powered garlands, are suitable. An infrared heater will allow you to extend the season of outdoor gatherings – it will be warm next to it.

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