How to get an extract from an electronic work book

What is an extract from an electronic work book

From January 1, 2020, electronic work books appeared in Russia. They work in the same way as the usual paper ones: they enter data on hiring and dismissals, incentives, transfers. Only the document is stored in the FIU in digital form. Such a book is definitely kept for everyone who has worked under an employment contract since the beginning of 2020.

But the question arises: paper labor could be presented at any time at the place of demand. What to do with digital? In this case, there is an extract from it.

In the help (how it looks, you can see in the law ) there are two blocks. The first contains all information about employment from January 1, 2020, the second – until December 31, 2019.

The data from the second block, if they are needed for some serious organization, is still better to confirm with paper labor, since then only it was kept. In the electronic version, the old information may be incomplete. The book is either in your hands, if you wrote an application to refuse to maintain it, or with the employer.

Where to get an extract from the electronic work book online

The document will be sent in electronic form, it will be signed with an electronic signature. It can be printed and presented to any authority or sent in digital format. How to get a paper version, if you still need it, we will tell below.

There are two ways to get a statement online.

1. Through the website of the Pension Fund

Log in to your personal account on the PFR website. You will need a username and password from “Gosuslug” .

The first item in the account will be the service “Order a certificate (statement) of labor activity”. Click on it.

Next, decide whether you want the document to be sent to your email. If yes, check the appropriate box. If not, immediately go to the next step – click the “Request” button.

An extract from the electronic work book is generated in real time. You can find the document in the “History of requests” tab.

2. Through “Gosuslugi”

Sign in to your account. Click on the Help tab. Extracts”.

In the drop-down list, select “Extract from the electronic work book”.

Click “Get Statement”.

The statement is available in your personal account. To get to it, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner, select “Notifications”, and then select the desired appeal from the list.

Where to get a paper extract from the electronic work book

You can apply for it at the nearest branch of the Pension Fund or at the multifunctional center.

Why get an extract from an electronic work book, even if no one asks for it

Your pension depends on the information in your employment record. If it does not contain any data, it may not be enough experience or special points . Often people find out about such problems when they have already applied for a pension. And restoring justice can be difficult – the right company may simply not exist for twenty years.

Therefore, it is worth checking whether everything in your statement is correct and contacting the FIU in a timely manner for an adjustment if an error has crept in. In hot pursuit, correcting inaccuracies is much easier.

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