G8 Creative Industries Festival in Moscow: who will like it and what interesting things can be learned there

What you need to know about the G8 festival

G8 is an annual festival that brings together different creative industries in one place. It will bring together representatives of design, architecture, music, games, media, fashion, cinema and contemporary art. The festival has been held in Moscow since 2017.

The main goal of G8 is to show the potential of the economy based on creativity and share successful cases. This year, more than 100 speakers will present their projects and talk about the changes in the creative industries after the pandemic. Their work will be judged by a professional jury. The detailed program of the festival is available on the website . The conference will be useful for journalists, photographers, creators, designers, bloggers, advertisers, representatives of the media and the arts.

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Who will perform at the festival

1. Section “Media art”

Independent producer and curator Ksyusha Chekhovskaya will talk about the experimental project of the Tsekh multimedia art space with the Tikhaya studio and contemporary art center in Nizhny Novgorod. And digital artist and NFT-creator Anton Zanimonets tells how a desert island in Indonesia has turned into a digital art museum, which exhibits both real and virtual exhibits.

2. Sections “Design” and “Photo”

Industry experts will talk about the pressing problems of designers. For example, the festival will feature releases and performances by Roman Krikheli (Superposition®), Maxim Desytykh (Duo Sapiens), Lila Rami (Clever Books), Mickey Rozov (PINKMAN), Katya Shashina and Boris Shilin (Alkali). And about how creative fashion photography is developing in Russia, they will tell on the “Photo” panel.

3. Section “Education”

In this panel, Anna Fefelova will talk about the residence and educational space of MusicAeterna. And Lily Brinis from the Shalash Foundation and Anya Sotnikova, Tamara Totchieva and Anastasia Golubeva from BBE talk about the development of the community around educational projects.

4. Sections “Media” and “Bloggers”

Masha Pcholkina, executive director of Lifehacker and Burning Izba, will tell how advertising works in niche media today, and Katya Ivanova, creative director of the Golden Tigers agency, will talk about the advertising project What does Petersburg taste like?, implemented jointly with the restaurant “Entrance from the street”. The institution was created by the Nochlezhka charitable organization, and former homeless people practice there.

How to work with Tik Tok today, how promotion and monetization strategies have changed, will be discussed in the Bloggers section. Work with influencers during the crisis and lockdowns will also be discussed here. Lina Lobach (Azbuka Vkusa), Anatoly Lukashin (Sberbank), Maxim Lysenkov (Vizit Russia), Kirill Didenok and Vasha Marusya (Didenok team) and Ksenia Baryshnikova (PRT) will take part in the conversation.

How to get to the festival

A ticket to the conference costs 1,500 rubles. You can buy it on the festival website .

This year, you can watch the festival online: VK Video will host exclusive broadcasts and live broadcasts from G8 performances, and short videos with speakers will be available in VK Clips.

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