Lifehacker Podcast: 6 IT fears that prevent you from starting a new career

Even the humanities can learn to code, and for this it is not necessary to live in a metropolis.

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You don’t have to go to university to become a programmer. The Hexlet educational platform will help you get skills and find a cool job. Here you will learn how to code in Python, JavaScript, Java and other popular programming languages. Hexlet students do not memorize anything and do not repeat after the teacher. Here they are taught to think, develop algorithmic thinking, instill good engineering practices. This means that graduates will be able to easily switch to other stacks and master new systems if they want to develop or try something else.

In Hexlet, each lesson includes three steps: a short lecture, a quiz, and a practice task. Experienced mentors will help you understand each topic. You can study at your own pace – there is no strict schedule.

Each curriculum is designed with the needs of employers in mind. Upon completion, the student will have up to five projects in their portfolio with which to look for work. In addition, Hexlet will tell you how to write a resume and behave at an interview, as well as organize interviews in partner companies.

You can try for free! Each IT profession has introductory courses on the basics of programming or modern layout that will help the student understand if the learning format is right for him.

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