“My parents thought I was lying”: how teenagers managed to open a business and not burn out

In Russia, you can become an individual entrepreneur from the age of 14 with the consent of your parents, or from the age of 16, having received emancipation. We talked to the guys who started their own business at a young age, asked them about business ideas, support for loved ones and future plans.

“When you open your agency, then you will command”

Ruya Hamraz

18 years. At the age of 17, she opened a real estate agency.

Once a friend offered me a job in a real estate agency. He saw potential and ambition in me. He said: “Realtorship is yours. You are very sociable and talkative. I think you’ll be fine.” At first I refused him.

But when I turned 16, my parents stopped giving pocket money , because I led a wild life. And that’s when I had to agree. It was my first job.

My parents thought I was lying. They did not support this idea and even laughed – how is it that at the age of 16 she got a job in a real estate agency?

But after a couple of days I had my first client. Later, when I gained some experience, I could register several people a day – sometimes even five or six. Many noted that I was able to close deals better than my adult colleagues. Although I was a beginner, and besides, I was younger than all of them. I worked very hard and soon I was promoted to senior manager.

I think none of this would have happened if that period had not been so difficult. I broke up with a young man, friends turned away from me, there was no one left around with whom to share problems. The work helped keep me from going crazy.

I came to the office much earlier than the schedule required, and left closer to the night. She even worked at home: she looked at new objects, listened to free sales courses. And then she began to save money to get professional training.

All this was interesting to me. Ever since the fourth grade, I read books on psychology, and a little later I studied physiognomy . It was very helpful in sales.

Then I tried to work in other agencies. There I was sometimes thrown for money – and rather big ones. It happened for 30,000 rubles. To work them out, I had to hunch back all week. I was very tired.

Sometimes I was not allowed to take a lunch break – they told me to sit in the office. I didn’t like it. I did my job 100%. She was the best manager. Taught newbies. And she certainly didn’t deserve to be treated like that.

I drew attention to this many times, threw ideas to my directors on how to improve the business, but no one listened to me. They told me: “When you open your own agency, then you will be in command.” And I thought, “Why not?”

I had experience, I knew the industry from the inside – all the schemes, pitfalls – and I was ready . At the age of 17, I registered an IP.

Many are surprised when they find out that an individual entrepreneur can be opened from 16. Sometimes they write that I am a liar and there can be no business at that age. Strange!

When I opened the agency, I wanted career growth not only for me, but also for my employees. And so that when asked how much my agents earn, I calmly answered: “100 thousand a month.”

At first, of course, this is not the case. But the salary is still decent – 40-60 thousand monthly. I’m trying to improve it. Despite the fact that the amount of earnings depends on the employees themselves, I try to invest in their training and motivation to the maximum so that they understand how to work more efficiently and better. Still, this is a profession in which many burn out – a lot of meetings, calls.

So far, we are only engaged in long-term rental housing, but we plan to switch to sales soon. Also, in addition to this business, I have a hobby – doing makeup. In the future, I plan to realize myself as a make-up artist.

When I told about my story on social networks, many people supported me. And some were surprised – after all, I used to lead a not very good lifestyle. Now I think that all the mistakes that I made eventually made me a better person and helped me to achieve what I have.

Tips for those who want to start their own business:

  1. To earn good money, you need to do your job well – to be a professional.
  2. You must not forget to rest. You don’t have to hustle without days off.
  3. Everyone has their own hobbies and interests. It is they who need to be shaken in order to achieve more. It is they who determine your purpose and vocation .

“I attached other people’s work to the posts – with a perfect manicure”

Daria Evchenkova

22. At the age of 16, she opened a nail salon at home.

Once my mother asked me to give her a manicure – and I did it well. She probably saw potential in me, because then she gave me the simplest apparatus and a lamp for my birthday. I was not happy with such a gift: I was waiting for money, clothes.

But then the thought came: “Why not try to do a manicure ? There is nowhere to go.” Therefore, when my girlfriends came to me, I asked: “Do you want me to do your nails?” They certainly wanted to. And who will refuse?

So they became my first clients. Every month I gave them a manicure for free or for a nominal amount. Realizing that you can make money on this, she posted ads in the community – “I am looking for a model”.

I attached other people’s work to the posts – with a perfect manicure. I am still very ashamed of it.

And although clients sometimes came to me, it was not a permanent occupation. I thought like this: “Someone signed up – cool, I’ll earn money.” Then I thought: “I don’t want to work. I’ll play the fool and eat up the budget.” Then: “Well, the money is over. We need to get some more models.” And so in a circle.

But when I decided to buy my first iPhone, of course, I needed money. I hoarded them like this. Did a manicure. She worked as an office manager in the godfather’s firm. And so, as soon as I managed to get what I wanted, the mood disappeared somewhere: I started to play the fool again, and soon the company said that they no longer needed my services.

Then I asked my godfather to arrange me at least somewhere. He offered a job as a cleaning lady. I agreed. Working there, I was very tired. Plus, the team disliked me: the attitude towards me was rather dismissive. Once I was not paid for one of the cleanings, and I decided to leave.

And again took up manicure. For three months I saved money for a training course. When I turned 17, I was able to buy it.

This time I was very serious. So much so that for the first lesson I dressed like I was going to school: white top, black bottom.

While I had an old cheap machine that my mother gave me, everyone else had expensive cars on their tables – for 15-17 thousand. They looked at me like I was crazy.

However, that didn’t stop them from making progress. The manager liked me, and she offered to work in her salon. This is where I got pulled in. I managed to become a qualified top master , mastered a pedicure, learned how to draw beautiful pictures.

But then I realized that any work is boring. Even the one you love with all your heart. I’ve had burnouts and thought about leaving the industry. But I realized that it is important to find the root of the problem. Mine was lack of rest.

As a result, I left the salon and transferred work to the house. All clients stayed with me. And here I am very grateful to my grandparents. When it became difficult for me to work for the manager, they warmly accepted the fact that I wanted to quit. They allowed to receive clients in the apartment so that they would not have to spend money on rent.

Although I understand how hard it is. Imagine: you, tired , came home from work, and some strangers are sitting in the next room. At the same time, you can not make noise, walk in underwear, talk loudly. It’s uncomfortable. But my family put up with it and never said anything to me.

Therefore, opening a studio was my own decision. A year later, I rented a room and began to make repairs in it. Many volunteered to help, although I did not ask anyone. Friends, for example, painted the walls. Grandfather installed mirrors, assembled furniture. We went shopping with him and bought the necessary materials.

When I started working for myself, I noticed a huge difference in money. When I received clients in the salon, my rate was 45% – my manager took the rest. Now I get 70% from each procedure.

By May, I plan to open training courses. I already have potential students who want to enroll. And I also want to expand the network of services – for example, invite eyebrow specialists .

Tips for those who want to start their own business:

  1. It is important to understand that you will never receive a lot of money at once.
  2. If you have earned some amount, part of it must be invested in business development. And so every time. This is the most difficult, but you can not stop.
  3. An objective assessment is important, so you need to listen to other people, and not say “I know better. I like this one.” We all like something. But this is not a standard. Criticism should be treated with understanding, because sometimes people from the outside see better.
  4. If you initially do not like some kind of work and are not ready to do it for free, then you should not start. At first, I did not take money for a manicure. And even now, when there is a good income, when I do it professionally, sometimes I take models for free. Just because I like to draw.

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