No dry cleaning: how to care for pillows yourself

The pillow touches your face every day, so its hygienic condition is especially important. It is necessary to regularly not only wash pillowcases, but also clean the pillows themselves. Do this three or four times a year. Which method depends on the type of filler.

How to care for pillows with different fillings

To make your pillows last longer, give them regular attention. Let them air out a bit in the morning before making their bed . If you notice an unpleasant odor, take them to fresh air. After buying, study the information on the label – perhaps the manufacturer advises special care measures.

Most pillows can easily be put in the washing machine. General recommendations are:

  • Check all seams on the pillow before washing. If there are holes, be sure to sew them up.
  • Load a maximum of two pillows into the drum at a time. If you put more of them, close to each other, they may not wash out enough. Naturally, consider the dimensions of your washing machine drum. Perhaps only one large thing will fit in it.
  • Throw a few laundry balls into the machine to keep your pillows fluffy. If there are no special balls, take light plastic ones for massage or small rubber ones that pets play with.
  • Use a gentle wash cycle and liquid detergent, best for delicate fabrics.

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How to clean a down pillow

  • Knock out the pillow to get rid of most of the dust.
  • Choose a temperature of 30 degrees. If your machine has a separate ” Fluff ” mode, use it.
  • Turn on an additional rinse in cold water and spin at the maximum number of revolutions.
  • After washing, knead the lumps in the pillow. Place it on a towel or sheet and roll it up to get rid of excess moisture. Then leave to dry outdoors, so that the pillow is blown by the wind.

How to clean a synthetic pillow

  • Choose a temperature of 40 degrees.
  • Turn on the spin at maximum speed.
  • Dry the pillow in a horizontal position in a well-ventilated area. To make it dry faster, wrap it with a towel for a while, it will absorb excess moisture.

How to clean a latex or memory foam pillow

Dust mites won’t infest these orthopedic pillows, but they still need to be cleaned regularly. Can’t be machine washed.

  • Remove the pillowcase and wash it according to the instructions on the label. If you cut it off, select the regular hot water cycle.
  • Vacuum the pillow on both sides to get rid of dust and dirt. If there is a dryer, put the product there for 20 minutes using the no-heat mode.
  • If there are stains on the pillow, rub them with soapy water, then go over with a clean, damp cloth. Wet foam breaks easily, so be careful.
  • Let the pillow dry completely before putting the pillowcase back on.

How to clean a cotton pillow

Be careful: only items filled with cotton (cotton) fiber can be washed . The cotton wool pillow needs to be dry-cleaned.

  • Choose a temperature of 40 degrees.
  • Turn on the spin at low speed.
  • Dry in a horizontal position, periodically kneading the filler so that lumps do not form in it.

How to clean a silk pillow

  • Set the temperature to 30 degrees.
  • Do not turn on the spin cycle: it can damage delicate silk threads.
  • Dry the pillow in a horizontal position away from the battery and sunlight.

How to clean a wool pillow

  • Choose a temperature of 30 degrees.
  • Use special detergents for wool.
  • Don’t squeeze the pillow. You can dry it using the drying mode or in a horizontal position on clothes lines in warm and dry weather, but not in direct sunlight .

How to clean a bamboo and eucalyptus pillow

  • Set the water temperature to no more than 40 degrees.
  • Turn on rinse and spin at minimum speed.
  • Dry flat, shaking and turning occasionally. This is necessary so that lumps do not form in the filler.

How to clean a seaweed pillow

  • Choose a temperature no higher than 40 degrees.
  • Set the spin to low speed.
  • Dry on a horizontal surface.

How to clean a buckwheat pillow

Pillows with buckwheat husks and pine nut husks always stay clean inside. But if it’s time to wash the cover, at the same time you can refresh the filler.

  • Pour the contents of the case into a separate cloth bag. Shake and hang to dry in the sun.
  • Shake off the cover and soak in a mild detergent solution. Then wash as normal bed linen .
  • Iron the dried cover before returning the filler to its place.

How do you know when it’s time to change your pillow?

No matter how carefully you take care of your pillows, from time to time you still have to buy new ones. To check, fold the product in half. If it does not straighten out and does not take its usual form, it’s time to look for a replacement. If the pillow has a strange smell that does not go away even after washing, it is also better to get rid of it.

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