What changed in the laws in August and what's new in September 2022

What has changed in the laws in August 2022

Traditionally, we release a selection of new laws by the first day of the month. Here’s what we wrote on August 1st:

  • A service for registering in the status of a self-employed has appeared on the State Services.
  • Advertisements for infant formula are now accompanied by a label about the benefits of breastfeeding.
  • Extended the program of payments for the repayment of mortgages for large families.

You can read about this and more in the previous article . But some regulations were adopted after its release. So let’s talk about them here.

Return of the tourist cashback program

True, this time not for long. You need to pay for a tour of Russia or rent a hotel before September 10th. To go on the trip itself – from October 1 to December 25. If we are talking about a cruise, then the first month of autumn is also suitable. The duration of the trip must be at least three nights.

At the same time, it is necessary to pay by all means with a Mir card. If you meet all the conditions, you can get a cashback in the amount of 20% of the amount spent, but not more than 20 thousand. If there are several trips, then the refund is due several times.

Suitable offers for tours and hotels and full conditions can be viewed on the program website .

The rural mortgage program has become indefinite

If you planned to use it, you don’t have to hurry: it won’t end this year. You can take a loan at 3% per annum for housing in rural areas later – the program is no longer limited in time .

What’s new in laws since September 2022

You can get a loan or open a bank account remotely

In principle, many financial institutions do this even now – through an application or online banking. This is possible after the client confirms his identity with a passport at a bank branch. Further, he can take out loans and open accounts without a face-to-face visit, since application passwords and codes from SMS or push messages become analogues of a simple electronic signature .

However, from September 1, banks with a universal license (that is, with an authorized capital of at least 1 billion rubles) are required to provide customers with the opportunity to receive such services remotely.

Simplified inspection process

The list of transport safety requirements now contains 55 positions instead of 82. In particular, during the technical inspection of cars, they will no longer check for the presence of a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and warning triangle (but this does not mean that they can be dispensed with).

What will still be checked can be seen in the diagnostic card of the new format.

Transactions with tiny shares in real estate will be banned

Real estate transactions, as a result of which one of the owners will have a share of less than 6 square meters, will no longer be possible to conclude. They are recognized as null and void and will not be registered with Rosreestr.

The question may arise: in general, does anyone carry out such transactions? Yes, they are often used in various muddy situations. For example, after the divorce, the spouses got half of the apartment. One of them moved out and is waiting for the sale, and the other does not agree to the proposed conditions. Then the first one could give a couple of square meters to a marginal family of 15 people. Ownership becomes the basis for registration and settlement. So such an act made it possible to make the other side more accommodating or simply take revenge.

Another option is to sell the room. The owner in such a situation must first offer his share to the co-owners, and if they refuse, collect written confirmation from them. Sometimes they did this: they gave a meter, and the rest was already sold as a co-owner. There were questions about such transactions before: those who wanted to challenge them could later do so.

In general, now it will not work. If someone already owns a share of less than 6 square meters, it will not be taken away. But they won’t let you dispose of such an area as you like. It can only be sold to the co-owner of the property.

At the same time, it is still possible to obtain ownership of such a small share – for example, if it was allocated in an apartment that was bought with the participation of maternity capital .

Divide property in a divorce

Usually jointly acquired in marriage is divided in half . But if it is proved that one of the spouses disposed of this property in bad faith and tried to reduce its volume, the share of such an owner may be reduced .

There are various examples of such dishonesty. For example, a person may try to sell something valuable in gray. In the contract, indicate a tiny amount and share it with your spouse, but in reality take much more money. But if the property is worth, say, a million rubles, and it was sold for 50 thousand, questions arise about the situation. The new law allows you to look for answers to them and restore justice.

People with disabilities will be able to get a second education for free

As a general rule, if a person received a higher or secondary vocational education at the expense of the state budget, the second is available to him only on a paid basis. But if after that he has a disability , then he can unlearn again in an institution of the same level, but for a different specialty at the expense of the state .

It will become more difficult to change the managing organization

To select a management company, it is necessary that this decision at the general meeting be supported by 50% of the owners plus one vote. Previously, it was enough to express the will of 25% of apartment owners.

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