How to stop being late and beat procrastination? We discuss in the podcast "Who would say"

In each episode of the new season of the Who Would Talk podcast, the hosts read real stories and questions from listeners about what worries them, and discuss with experts how to overcome difficulties and get out of the current situation. If something bothers you, you don’t know what to do, and you can’t cope with the problem on your own, send your stories to the Lifehacker podcast Telegram bot – we will look for a solution together.

01:33 – read the first letter from the listener and discuss lateness.

06:43 – figure out how to treat those who are late if you arrive on time.

16:26 – we are talking about how to stop fussing and not wasting time on a bunch of small things before leaving the house.

20:02 – read the second letter and consider different ways to get rid of the tendency to postpone everything until later.

24:58 – we answer the question of whether we should try to help loved ones cope with their procrastination.

30:05 – we are considering this scheme: to postpone the fight with procrastination and take a break, and then seriously take up the fight – does this approach work or is it better to immediately take the bull by the horns.

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