"James Webb" took the first picture of a planet outside the solar system

For the first time in its history, the James Webb telescope has photographed an exoplanet: a space object outside our solar system. The picture showed a gas giant named HIP 65426 b.

It is a distant planet without a rocky surface. For the first time, astronomers learned about its existence in 2017. According to experts, it is 6-12 times larger than Jupiter and quite young compared to the Earth – it is about 15-20 million years old, and the age of the Earth is 4.5 billion years.


The James Webb images show the giant in different infrared bands. The asterisk in the images marks the location of the parent star, from which the planet is located 100 times farther than the Earth is from the Sun.

According to astronomers, such giants are of great interest to scientists. These objects are usually very bright and relatively easy to observe. In addition, thanks to such cosmic bodies, experts have the opportunity to replenish knowledge about the transformation of planets in other systems of systems.

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