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I really wanted to start the digest with a joke about an inverted calendar and rowan bonfires, but we overcame this desire. So without further delay and hackneyed memes, we present you the coolest articles of the week. Shall we start?

news of the week

Samantha Cristoforetti / Twitter

Just thought that we had no space news for a long time, as astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti shared an unusual picture of the Earth on social networks. On it you can see a bright luminous dot, and you can only see it during the day. What is this intriguing object, read in our material .

History of the week

Anastasiconostas / Lifehacker

If you suddenly hear that someone calls today’s youth stupid, just share the stories of Rui and Dasha with him. Both girls opened their own and quite successful business when they were under 18 years old.

In an interview , the heroines told how they decided to start their own business and what difficulties they encountered, and they also gave seven tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Article of the week

Tatevosian Yana / Shutterstock

The beginning of autumn is the best time to get a haircut. Not only for myself, but also for the currant bush. The procedure will help protect the plant from diseases and get a good harvest. In the article of the week we explain how to properly prune currants.

The best of our social networks

The holidays are over, but the desire to study hard did not appear? We know how to solve the problem, and we share five simple tricks in our community on VKontakte.

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More interesting

  • Here is another inspirational article . But now for those who want to make a breakthrough in their careers. From the material you will learn what leads to stagnation at work and how to overcome career calm.
  • We do not forget where our publication got such a name from, and we write about small but useful tricks. This time, we explain simply and clearly how to clear the cache in Viber and get rid of other unnecessary application files.
  • In addition to life hacks, we have another passion – answering difficult questions. This week, we checked the work of scientists and found out how much a person can go without sleep and what threatens the body with prolonged sleep deprivation.
  • We did not stop at one curious question and instead of Google answered as many as 17 popular search queries. For example, is it possible to wet manta, give milk to hedgehogs and defrost the refrigerator with a hairdryer.
  • And if you didn’t have enough secrets to solve today, open this text . It contains the results of a study by French scientists. Their discovery helped to figure out how the Egyptian pyramids were actually built.
  • And at the end, catch our two texts about cinema. First, a fresh review of Samaritan, an action movie starring Stallone as a comic book superhero. And secondly, a selection of the main series of the fall. There you will find adaptations of famous books, a couple of cool horror films and new seasons of popular shows.

That’s all! See you next week.

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