What types of female orgasms actually exist

Why does a woman have an orgasm

Orgasm is a pleasant feeling at the end of sexual arousal. Most often, it occurs due to stimulation of the genital organs, but the nervous system – the brain and spinal cord – is also involved in its appearance.

Many people still think that the “correct” orgasm is always vaginal, but there are a dozen more “ extra ” orgasms. The popularity of this opinion is explained by the fact that for quite a long time men were mainly engaged in science. Therefore, the study of the female orgasm was not something of a priority. Once upon a time, the vagina was thought to be an everted penis, which supported the theory that penetration was everything in sex. This idea was also helped by Sigmund Freud, who called the clitoral orgasm immature.

It has now been proven that the clitoris is similar in structure to the penis. Few men can boast that they finish without penis stimulation, and women here are not much different from them. Most people need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, and penetration is just a nice touch.

What types of female orgasms exist

It is a mistake to think that there are any special types of female orgasms. But it can arise in response to different stimuli. True, most likely, this will somehow be connected with the clitoris or the work of the brain.

Evgenia Smolenskaya

Clinical psychologist at Mental Health Center, sexologist.

Different types of stimulation can be great ways to hit the “gas” to increase arousal to the point where an orgasm becomes possible.

How else can a woman get an orgasm

There are several options.

From vaginal sex

There is a point of view that if the clitoris is located near the entrance to the vagina, then there can be an orgasm in response to penetration, and if not, it will not work to force the body.

Evgenia Smolenskaya

This is not true. There is no difference in the location of the clitoris relative to the vagina. Much more important is the position in which it can be stimulated. For each woman it will be something different – you need to try.

But scientists could not find the G-spot, despite the fact that some cosmetologists and gynecologists even offer to increase its size. But there may be sensitive endings in the anterior wall of the vagina, because the legs of the clitoris pass nearby and this way it turns out to influence it indirectly.

There is no separate cervical orgasm either: there are very few nerve endings in the cervix. But sensations can also be pleasurable through indirect clitoral stimulation.

From anal sex

Although there is no specific anal orgasm, many people – both women and men, regardless of orientation – enjoy anal stimulation. The fact is that in and around it there are a lot of nerve endings that appeared from the same nerves as on the surface of the clitoris or the glans penis. In addition, friction can stimulate the legs of the clitoris. Therefore, the anus is a very sensitive place.

From stimulation of erogenous zones

An erogenous zone can be any part of the body. For example, women often enjoy having their nipples interacted with. Sometimes it is even possible to get an orgasm just from touching them. Scientists conducted an experiment and found that during the stimulation of the nipples in the brain, the same zones are activated as when touching the clitoris. So that can also lead to orgasm.

From intense exercise

Orgasm during exercise can happen to both men and women. It is thought to be caused by muscle contraction and recoil into the pelvic floor during exercise.

In addition, sports movements that stimulate the clitoris can also bring pleasure: rope climbing, horseback riding and others.

From sexual fantasies

Many men and women have had an orgasm in their sleep at least once in their lives, and practitioners of tantric sex can reach their peak with special breathing exercises. This suggests the connection of physical sensations with the activation of the cerebral cortex . Therefore, some stimuli from memory or based on expectations (for example, a dream about a fictional attractive person) leads to a rush of blood to the genitals, and the general relaxation of the body helps to achieve orgasm.

Do women have multiple orgasms?

Yes. The sexual cycle consists of four stages: arousal – plateau – orgasm – resolution, or sedation. After the final stage, a refractory period follows, when the body can no longer respond to stimulation and even pain occurs. In women who experience multiple orgasms, this stage is shorter than in others. That is why there can be several waves in a row.

Do squirting orgasms really exist?

Yes, female ejaculation is real. But its presence and absence is normal. Usually , a white liquid is released during the process, which consists of the secret of the paraurethral glands. This substance is very small – about a teaspoon.

Some women exude a lot of fluid at once. In this case, a certain amount of very dilute urine, which does not have a characteristic odor , is added to the secret of the glands. For example, this may occur due to stress urinary incontinence on the background of strong stimulation.

Jet orgasms are not always associated with pleasurable sensations, so should not be the goal.

How can a woman get an orgasm

Orgasm can be brought about by a variety of stimulation methods. To find out what exactly will give pleasure, you need to try different ways, but the shortest way is to influence the clitoris. Try on your own or with a partner masturbation , petting , cunnilingus , vacuum stimulation .

Evgenia Smolenskaya

Accelerator control is not a permanent quality, but a skill that is trained with a sufficient amount of experimentation. That is, in order to learn how to excite yourself, you need to have sex regularly.

But, while accelerating, at the same time you should not press the brakes, that is, subject yourself to an experience that, on the contrary, will dampen the excitement. Top 3 surefire ways to negate the most beautiful stimulation that sexologists face:

  • Worry about your own body, the way it looks or smells.
  • Have sex or resort to some kind of practice against your will.
  • To consider your own sexuality as dirty, sinful, of poor quality or wrong if you are within the law and actively expressed consent by your partner.

Relationship problems, psychiatric disorders (such as depression), acute or chronic stress, certain medications (such as antidepressants), fatigue, and feeling unwell can also interfere with orgasm. All this also works as an excitation brake.

Lack of experience also plays a negative role.

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