Elon Musk criticized the series "The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power"

Elon Musk decided to share his thoughts on the new Lord of the Rings series on his Twitter. In two short tweets, he literally wrote the following:

Tolkien is rolling over in his grave. Almost every male character is either a coward or a jerk or both. Only Galadriel is brave, smart and sweet.

Elon Musk

In the comments, many users disagreed with Mask, noting that, for example, Arondir is brave and smart, and Elrond is not at all a coward or a moron. And the same Galadriel, who jumped from the boat literally into the unknown, hardly seems reasonable. Also, some rightly noted that Musk probably simply did not finish watching the second episode, where the gnomes were shown.

Recall that ” The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power ” started on September 2. The first two episodes have already been released, which were generally warmly received by critics.

Did you manage to see? Do you agree with Musk? Write in the comments.

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