Is it possible for pregnant women to cola

Is it possible for pregnant women to cola

Yes, but not very much, because it can harm your health. In principle, this applies not only to pregnant women.

Why drinking a lot of cola is bad

Cola is not the most dangerous drink. And yet there are four reasons not to abuse it.

It has a lot of sugar

There can be about nine sugar cubes in one can of cola. However, as in other sweet sodas. Adults are undesirable to eat more than seven cubes per day.

Pregnant women need to be even more careful. It is very harmful for them to abuse sweets, especially if they gain a lot of weight. This increases the risk of gestational diabetes and other complications.

She is very carbonated.

Pregnant women often experience bloating, belching, and gas due to progesterone. Any carbonated drinks only worsen the situation.

It has caffeine

Not all sodas have caffeine, but cola has about 40 mg of caffeine in one can. And pregnant women are not advised to consume more than 200300 mg per day.

It contains acids

Cola contains phosphoric and citric acid, so it can harm enamel (even the manufacturer does not hide this). And the latter already suffers during pregnancy due to vomiting and ingestion of acidic gastric contents into the mouth.

In addition, acids provoke heartburn.

How much cola can pregnant women

Since this is not a mandatory product for pregnant women, there is no approved dose. But you can focus on the amount of sugar or, if you drink cola without it, on the caffeine content. The latter, by the way, is not only in the stake. So you have to choose between it, coffee (100 to 140 mg of caffeine in a mug) and tea (75 mg).

Well, bloating can occur due to any amount of soda. Therefore, it is better to limit it in the diet and try to drink as little as possible.

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