The neural network completed the famous paintings and memes for specific requests: 10 examples

OpenAI recently added a new Outpainting feature to their DALL-E artificial intelligence model. With its help, the neural network can expand the boundaries of paintings and any other images, drawing something on a specific user request.

“Girl with a Pearl Earring” Original

For demonstration, the developers used the painting by Johann Vermeer “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. DALL-E, with the help of human prompts, “imagined” that he was behind the scenes of the portrait, and gradually completed it.

DALL-E work. Image: August Kamp / OpenAI

Note that even from the limited information provided by the canvas itself, the neural network did the job, mimicking the author’s style – mimicking the shadows and highlights of the original.

DALL-E users have appreciated Outpainting and have already published many really interesting extended versions of famous paintings and illustrations. Here is some of them.

1. “Napoleon at the St. Bernard Pass”, Jacques Louis David

It is difficult to distinguish the work of a neural network – a very accurately supplemented original of a famous painting.

Original and artwork by DALL-E / Jojo Eco (Twitter)

2. An old advertising poster for the Quaker Oats brand

The author obviously mocked with tips, but it turned out funny.

Original and artwork by DALL-E / Best Dalle2 AI Art (Twitter)

3. “American Gothic”, Grant Wood

And here a couple of farmers turned out to be a real masterpiece.

Original and artwork by DALL-E / Bogdan (Twitter)

4. “Dogs play poker” by Cassius Coolidge

The original picture is good in itself.


But with DALL-E, the picture literally sparkled with new colors.

DALL-E/MG Siegler work (Twitter)

5. Midnighters, Edward Hopper

Here, the neural network accurately determined the style and retained it while expanding the image borders.

DALL-E / Giambattista work (Twitter)

6. The Beatles at the Abbey Road crossing

The famous frame and cover of the band’s self-titled album.


And this is how it could look when shooting with wide-angle optics.

DALL-E / Hermit_Painter (Twitter)

7. “Mona Lisa”, Leonardo da Vinci

The original is known to everyone, but you hardly saw the version with a UFO, fire and some kind of monster.

DALL-E / Best Dalle2 AI Art (Twitter)

8. Paramount Screensaver

The same mountains, but the view is farther away.

DALL-E / Best Dalle2 AI Art (Twitter)

9. Fight Club Finale

Where Is My Mind?

DALL-E / Sopmac Art (Twitter)

10. Meme with a girl on the background of a fire

And finally, an extended version of the legendary meme, which confirms the guesswork about the causes of the fire.

Original and artwork by DALL-E / Ramsri Goutham Golla (Twitter)

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