Drone Photo Awards 2022 Winners Announced

The Drone Photo Awards, now in its fifth year of aerial photography , presented winners in nine categories, including Nature, City, Abstract, Sports and more. The voting involved footage taken using any type of filming from above, whether it be drones, helicopters, drones, parachutes or even kites.

This year’s Grand Prize went to French photographer Armand Sarlang for his photograph of the Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption in Iceland, taken in September 2021. The work was called “Big Bang”.

Eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland. Photo: Armand Sarlangue

The jury members noted that photographers continue to experiment with their work, changing their approach to established principles of photography, because from a bird’s eye view, the authors have the opportunity to capture interesting shots from non-standard angles.

Winners and prize-winners in other categories


Rooftops in the Kartoffelrækkerne district in Copenhagen. Photo: Serhiy Vovk
Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province, China. Photo: Ningtai Yu
Basketball court in the UAE. Photo: Yura Borschev
“Rain and Sun”. Photo: Donghui Chen
Sandstorm over the ancient settlement of Meroe in Africa. Photo: Satti Mohammed


“Dream in a boat” Photo: Anindita Roy
“Washing fishing nets”. Photo: Myo Thet
Prayer during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Salem Alsawafi


“Solidarity”. Photo: Mehdi Mohebipour
“Dawn Patrol”. Photo: Nansen Weber


“Meeting”. Photo: David Rouge
“Volcano in the Clouds” Photo: Luis Manuel Vilarino Lopez


Salt Farm Workers. Photo: Saurabh Sirohiya
“Eyes of the snake”. Photo: Ovi D. Pop


“Skiers”. Photo: Daniel Koszela
Surfer in Western Australia. Photo: Phil De Glanville
“Street Wrestling” Photo: Subrata Dey


In the video nomination, Mauro Pagliai took the victory in the main competition with a video on an FPV drone. He showed the views of Italy – from north to south, from the blue sea to high mountains.

More cool aerial videos can be viewed on the award website .

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