Help: whose applicator is cooler – Lyapko or Kuznetsova? And are they worth buying?

Kuznetsov’s applicator promises to get rid of almost all diseases. Lyapko’s device also offers miraculous healing. We understand how rugs with needles work, how they are related to Chinese medicine and whether there is any benefit from them.

Wait, what kind of applicators are we talking about?

Kuznetsov’s and Lyapko’s applicators are mats with needles on which you need to lie down with different parts of the body to relieve pain and tension.

Kuznetsov’s applicator appeared back in the USSR. According to a newspaper article , it was invented by a music teacher from Chelyabinsk. He survived a chemical lung burn and cured it with his own invention. The applicator – at that time a piece of foam with plastic needles – helped clear the poison from the lungs. It is worth saying that damage to the lung tissue after poisoning can go away on its own over time , but this is not about that.

Kuznetsov relied on the principles of oriental medicine when he came up with the applicator. It takes care of the correct distribution of energy within the human body. If the harmony is broken, the specialist recognizes it – outwardly or by complaints. Acupuncture, or acupuncture, helps to restore energy balance by immersing needles in certain areas of the skin – channels through which energy passes. The needles in the applicator do not penetrate the skin, but the principle of operation is similar.

The Lyapko applicator appeared in the early 2000s as an improved replacement for its older brother. Lyapko is a reflexologist, and he relies not on the methods of Chinese medicine, but on the mechanical effect of needles and the action of current. Galvanic current is small in strength, it is formed by the contact of two metals in the composition of the needles. The mat works in the same way as the Kuznetsov applicator: the needles touch the skin at different points, relieve pain in the body and relax it.

What are the benefits of acupuncture?

It is still unclear exactly how acupuncture works. The most studied theory is endorphin. It lies in the fact that strong stimulation of the nerve ending on the skin provokes a surge of endorphin hormones . They are released into the blood in response to pain and stress, which is accompanied by a natural analgesic effect.

Research results show that acupuncture relieves chronic neck and lower back pain, relieves headaches, tension, and is effective for menstrual pain. However, a person’s expectations and belief that the procedure will help play a big role in pain relief. And which of these works better, no one knows.

Moreover, in some works they write that simulated acupuncture works no worse than real acupuncture. During it, the needles are not immersed in the skin, but touch its surface – just like with the action of the Kuznetsov applicator.

As for the Lyapko applicator and the work of galvanic current on the skin, the methods of reflexology are less studied than acupuncture. According to a 2008 systematic review, there is no significant effect of it in the treatment of pain. But reflexology calms some people.

Are applicators safe to use?

Since the needles of the rugs do not penetrate the skin, there will be no harm from them. Unless you buy a rug made of low-quality material and it leaves scratches on the skin.

Medical sources write that there are no absolute contraindications under which the use of applicators is prohibited. But there are a number of relative ones – this means that before use it is better to consult a doctor whether it is worth buying yourself a rug with needles. These include:


If you enjoy relaxing while lying on the applicator, do not deny yourself the pleasure. But make sure it’s safe for you, and don’t ask the rug to cure real illnesses. For this, it is better to consult a doctor.

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