PlayStation 5 learned to work with 2K monitors and received support for folders in the library

Sony has announced a firmware update for the PlayStation that adds a couple of useful features. So, the console now supports image output in 1440p at 60 or 120 Hz (variable refresh rate is not supported). If you have a 4K monitor, you can switch to 2K in the settings if you wish.

The second innovation is the lists of games in the library. In fact, these are folders for more convenient organization. In total, it will be possible to create up to 15 lists, each with a maximum of 100 games (including digital, disk and cloud). One game can be added to several lists.

Illustration: Sony

Also, when you connect headphones, you can compare the sound in standard and 3D modes, and on the pages of games that you have recently launched, the name of the chapter or section where you left off will be displayed.

Illustration: Sony

At the same time, an update of the application for iOS and Android was announced, which will be distributed worldwide in the coming month. It will allow you to launch a remote game via Remote Play directly from your smartphone (now this can only be done from the console). Users will also be able to ask friends to start streaming gameplay.

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