Apple will teach iPhone to identify fake AirPods

9to5Mac has discovered a new feature in the iOS 16 Release Candidate that was not announced at WWDC. It warns users when connecting fake AirPods: the message “Unable to verify the authenticity of AirPods” will be displayed.

If the wording sounds familiar, then you are not mistaken: a similar inscription appears in the settings if you put a non-original part like a battery. However, in the case of AirPods, the pop-up window will also have the “Do not connect” option. But the system does not prohibit the use of such headphones.

This is useful given how well third-party manufacturers have learned to copy Apple headphones: they can even activate system features like automatic connection and battery level indication.

It is noted that the function will only work with devices that imitate AirPods: when connecting Galaxy Buds or other third-party headphones, such a notification will not be displayed.

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