Astronomers have shown the first detailed picture of the chromosphere of the Sun

Located in Hawaii, DKIST, the largest solar telescope with a wide mirror, has taken the first detailed picture of the Sun’s chromosphere.

The chromosphere is the outer shell of a star; at the Sun, it has a thickness of about 10,000 km. The image captures a region of the chromosphere with a diagonal of about 82,500 km. The image was taken on June 3rd, but it has only been processed now.

A snapshot of the chromosphere with a different wavelength of light. Image NSO/AURA/NSF

The outer shell of the Sun, as a rule, is very difficult to see, since the radiation of the photosphere illuminates it. During a solar eclipse, when the moon blocks out bright light, you can see a bright red ring around the star – this is the chromosphere.

A snapshot of the chromosphere compared to a life-size image of the Earth. Image: NSO / AURA / NSF

The installation of DKIST has not yet been completed, so the device is not yet fully used. When the telescope is launched at full power, scientists will be able to study in detail the star’s magnetic field, space weather, solar flares and coronal mass ejections. Astronomers expect DKIST to revolutionize the study of solar physics.

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