How to avoid emotional burnout? We discuss in the podcast "Who would say"

In each episode of the new season of the Who Would Talk podcast, the hosts read real stories and questions from listeners about what worries them, and discuss with experts how to overcome difficulties and get out of the current situation.

This time we are talking about emotional burnout: what are its signs, what helps to avoid it, and whether it is possible to cope with it in principle. The hosts Daria Bakina and Mikhail Volnykh are looking for answers to these questions together with psychologist Elena Kotova.

01:32 — we read the listener’s letter and share our personal attitude to the topic of the release.

11:23 – we give a definition of what emotional burnout is.

18:27 – we figure out if there is a relationship between excessive demands on oneself in work and emotional burnout.

27:13 – we discuss at what point you need to leave an unloved job so as not to bring yourself to depression.

34:06 — talking about how a leader can help employees not burn out.

38:22 – let’s move on to schoolchildren: do they face the problem of emotional burnout?

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