Lifehacker podcast: why people don't read fiction and how to love it

Why you may not like fiction and how to make reading your favorite habit, we tell together with the service of electronic and audio books LitRes .

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To fall in love with fiction, it is enough to get rid of the problems that prevent you from getting acquainted with books. LitRes: A subscription will help make reading a pleasant and useful habit. The subscription includes almost 200 thousand audiobooks, their text versions, podcasts and lectures: you are sure to find something that will hook you.

If you don’t have time to read, turn on an audiobook while you drive to the office. If you want to relax after a hard day, sit in an armchair and read from the place where you finished listening to the work. LitRes: Subscription has a function of synchronizing text and audio books: so you don’t miss anything important. And if you want to find an interesting work, look in the ” Popular ” section and study the reviews of readers.

Using the promo code LITRES50, you will receive the first month of LitRes: Subscriptions with a 50% discount – for only 199 rubles. Favorite books will be at hand, even if there is no Internet.

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