'The Squid Game' star cast in new Star Wars series

South Korean actor Lee Jong Jae, of ” Playing Squid ” fame, will play the male lead in the new Star Wars: Acolyte series for Disney Plus. Deadline reports this with reference to its own sources.

“Acolyte” or “Acolyte” should be a thriller that will be dedicated to the emergence of the Dark Forces in the last days of the Rise of the Republic. The term itself may refer to people with Force abilities who learn from a more experienced Sith Lord.

In addition to the South Korean star, Amandla Steinberg, who also has one of the main roles, and Jodie Turner-Smith will play in the series. The director and screenwriter is Leslie Headland, who worked with Natasha Lyonne on Matryoshka Lives.

A release date for Star Wars: Acolyte has not yet been announced.

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