The UAE will build its own "Moon" – right in the middle of the city

Canadian architecture firm Moon World Resorts hasannounced that it will build a building in the shape of the moon in Dubai. This, according to the authors of the project, will give people the opportunity to “visit the moon” without leaving the Earth. The cost of the project will be five billion dollars, and the construction of the building will take two years.

The “moon” is a sphere 224 meters high. As conceived by the architects, the space around the building will try to recreate the atmosphere of being on the surface of the satellite.

Image: Moon World Resorts Inc.

In addition, visitors to the complex will be offered to book a “sky villa” – this is the name of 300 private residences on the “Moon”, which will be located in the disc-shaped part of the base of the sphere.

A “lunar shuttle” will run around the territory of the future building, which will take visitors to numerous nightclubs, entertainment centers, lounge areas and spa centers.

The authors of the project hope that the “lunar complex” will double the tourist flow to Dubai, which will help bring the UAE economy to a new level. In addition, Moon World Resorts suggests that the “Moon” will be able to accommodate the headquarters of space agencies and space training centers.

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