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Recently, American scientists have confirmed that with the onset of cold weather, the brain is more sad. In order not to succumb to the autumn blues, we prescribe you a shock dose of our coolest articles. We recommend you take it immediately!

news of the week

Attention! This is not a drill! Uncover jokes about “bangs”, a sold kidney and no different models. This week, Apple introduced the new iPhone 14. You can find out everything about the specifications and prices of the smartphone from our material .

History of the week

Image: Lifehacker

“I asked my friends to come when I was very sick. Only one agreed. An hour before the meeting, her phone was unavailable. But then she did come. We had a great time. Everything was great until my mom came home from work and asked who I was talking to. At that moment, I realized that I had actually been sitting in the room alone all this time. ”

It seems that Sasha is an ordinary girl. She is engaged in creativity, maintains her blog and plans to enter the university. But even as a child, she was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Sasha was in a psycho-neurological dispensary three times, changed six doctors and 20 treatment regimens, and faced discrimination more than once. In an interview , the girl shared her story and told what it’s like to live and build relationships when you hear voices in your head.

Article of the Week

Image: Olya Yogide / Lifehacker

Everyone has had those days at work when they wanted to slam the door and quit without regret. At such moments, we are overwhelmed with anger, emotions become stronger than rational arguments. How to cope with this condition and refrain from a rash decision that can destroy a career? Let’s take a look at the article of the week.

The best of our social networks

We learn how to properly break off not only work, but also love relationships. In our community on VKontakte, they listed 12 mistakes after a breakup that will turn life into a nightmare. Yes, yes, you definitely can’t write to your ex in the middle of the night!

More interesting

  • The temperature outside is getting lower and lower, so it’s time to get warm and stylish dress. We chose 10 options for every taste.
  • We continue the topic of shopping with super-useful information for those who choose a smartphone. We took dozens of shots and compared the cameras of Huawei P50, Pixel 6 and iPhone 11. Look for the results of the photo battle in this article .
  • Speaking of photographs, the James Webb Space Telescope has captured the first ever image of a planet outside the solar system. You can take a look at the space object in our material .
  • We are not done with this curious images! We collected 10 works of the DALL-E neural network, which completed the famous pictures and memes. Look at what Mona Lisa, the final shot of Fight Club, and that same girl in front of the fire have turned into.
  • So, now let’s digress from the pictures and look into ourselves, as the ancient aphorism calls for. We find out why it is useful to listen to ancient wisdom and engage in self-knowledge more often.
  • And in the end, we share reviews by Alexei Khromov on two new films: the long-awaited series ” The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power ” and ” Thor: Love and Thunder ” by Taika Waititi with Natalie Portman and frightening Christian Bale.

I hate to say this, but it’s time to say goodbye. We’ll be back in exactly one week!

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