20 tips Lifehacker readers would have given themselves in school

” Let me know ” is a rubric for our readers’ stories. Every week we launch a survey and look forward to your comments. Last week, we asked what tips would help you become more successful and happier in school. We publish the most important. Send the article to your young friends.

1. Polina: “Tutors until 11 pm is a so-so idea, and the exam is not the end of the world. If you give yourself a rest, your future will not fall apart .”

2. Alya: ” Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself if teachers offend you.”

3. Elena: “ Do not be shy about early grown breasts : it will not grow anymore (a ha ha), but the stoop will remain. And put on your glasses! They do not spoil the vision, but save it. People don’t care if you’re wearing glasses or not.”

4. Olga: “Don’t suffer over homework. Talk more, walk, spend time with friends. Experience your childhood and adolescence in time .”

5. Alexey: ” Don’t worry about grades , learn programming and math.”

6. Julia: ” Pay more attention to what you like , and not to what you don’t like.”

7. Christina: “ Don’t skip classes because of a guy , he is not the only love in your life. Anyway, it’s not worth it…”

8. Radik: “Mathematical equations may not be needed in life, but the neurons that were formed when solving these equations will come in handy .”

9. Anonymous: “ Concentrate on the subject of study , and not on the teacher and fear of him. Now I am 28 years old, I work as a programmer and get a lot of pleasure from studying the exact sciences. At school, I was afraid of teachers for them and, accordingly, I got bad grades.

10. Daria: “ Focus on the things that really matter . A triple in algebra in the certificate worries only after graduation, and at 26 you won’t even remember about it. ”

11. Anonymous: “ You are not strange at all . Never listen to your classmates. Trust me, it’s the same with you.”

12. Sofia: “ Don’t stop dreaming . Don’t be afraid. Do not be shy. Don’t worry. Do not panic. It’s difficult, but possible. Shame and guilt are imposed to manipulate you. Fear, excessive emotions and other destructive sensations will not help solve the problem.”

13. Daria: “ Between health and passing exams, it would be better to choose the first. Losing consciousness at the exam is such a prospect. ”

14. Anonymous: “ Buy bitcoin properly…

15. Valeria: “ Don’t try to blend in with the crowd. Your differences make you unique. Your unusual outlook on things will help you in life. Do not be afraid to pass for a dreamer and an eccentric.

16. Ekaterina: “ Put braces on your parents’ money! »

17. Sophia: “At school, they don’t ask how your environment treats you, whether your rights are respected. School does not teach you to love and respect yourself, defend your own opinion, seek help, manage finances.

But remember that in the battle for yourself you need to fight . Try to be brave and fearless. Train your self-esteem and self-confidence. Look for “your”, beloved, important – that which brings inspiration. Learn to distinguish between your own and someone else’s, especially desires. Strengthen your physical and psychological health. Don’t let yourself be fooled. Speak louder. Politely and competently put offenders in their place, or better, explain your opinion to them. Even if it is relatives, teachers, the government, and so on.

18. Anonymous: “ Eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle . It is better to introduce these habits into your life as a teenager. Then it will be more difficult.”

19. Anonymous: “ Do not be friends with those who think that drinking and smoking is cool . Make friends with those who are trying to be better and more successful.”

20. Elena: ” Respect other people and don’t forget to love yourself .”

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