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A foldable oxford bag is suitable for storing tools, utensils during trips to the countryside and any other items. It is sold in two sizes: 40 x 27 x 20 cm and 36.5 x 32.5 x 24.5 cm. The smaller model is equipped with mounting straps.

Price: from 1,275 rubles.



Transparent jars with tight-fitting lids for storing bulk, pickled and other products. The volume of the small one is 500 ml, the large one is 980 ml. If you buy several of these, you can get rid of visual noise and clean up the shelves in the cabinets and refrigerator.

Price: from 797 rubles.



This nail clipper, or, more simply, nail clippers, highlights the work area to make it easier to cut the right edge and not hurt anything extra. The gadget works from the built-in battery for about three hours. Charging from 0 to 100% will take approximately 3-4 hours.

Price: 1,115 rubles.



A heating pad with a volume of 450 ml is filled with hot water and helps relieve various types of pain, including periodic women’s pain. Comes with a case to protect your hands from burns.

Price: 555 rubles.



Crafted from soft fleece, this towel transforms into a sundress with wide straps, perfect for getting out of the shower. You can choose from different colors and sizes from S to L. Some models have a pocket.

Price: from 846 rubles.



An unusual triangular hammock allows two or three people to relax at the same time, while the usual one can accommodate only one person. Available in two sizes: with sides 280 cm and 400 cm.

Price: from 1,838 rubles.


External battery

10,000 mAh power bank with built-in Lightning and USB‑C cables. There are also three connectors for connecting gadgets: USB‑A, Lightning, USB‑C. The LED display shows the percentage of remaining charge.

Price: 1,444 rubles.



A small keychain in the form of a knife with a sharpened blade. The set includes a special leather sheath so that the knife does not cut other items in the bag.

Price: from 89 rubles.



Scoop for cleaning the pet tray. There are kits with a stand. It can be placed on the floor or fixed to the wall with double-sided tape.

Price: from 313 rubles.



The four-tiered pan holder is useful for neat storage of dishes. The organizer is made of steel and complemented with durable plastic elements.

Price: 584 rubles.



High socks with stripes, images of people, animals, fruits – a total of 26 product options are available for order. Single size.

Price: 157 rubles.


jar lid

The seller suggests using this reusable silicone lid to cover pet food cans. But who said that it can’t be used with human food? On the inside there are three circles of different diameters, so that the model is suitable for containers of different sizes. By the way, in addition to the lid, you can also buy a spoon.

Price: from 141 rubles.


Hair crayons

They are very easy to color strands. They are safe and wash off the first time you wash your hair, making them suitable for children. There are four colors to choose from.

Price: 87 rubles.



SoundPEATS Air3 Pro are hybrid headphones with Qualcomm QCC3046 chip, active noise cancellation and low latency gaming mode (60ms). They connect to devices using Bluetooth V5.2 and support AAC, SBC, APTX, APTX-adaptive codecs, so the sound remains clear and rich. The earbuds can work independently and charge quickly. A full charge is enough for 6 hours of work without interruption, with a case this figure increases to 24 hours.

Price: 3,248 rubles.


IP camera

An IP camera for outdoor video surveillance is connected to a 220 V network. A Wi-Fi module is installed in it to access the Internet and interface with a special application. In the application, you can monitor the situation in real time and also view the saved records.

The case is not afraid of rain, heat and cold, there is a motion sensor, a recording function with sound.

Price: from 1,643 rubles.



A translucent bottle made of matte material holds 1 liter of liquid. For ease of use, it has time marks: they will serve as a reminder to drink water at a certain period of the day.

Price: 621 rubles.


metal detector

This metal detector with a display can easily detect metal objects, such as coins, structural parts, tools. It runs on two 6F22 9V batteries, which are not included.

Price: 1,658 rubles.


Please note: All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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