Life under the microscope: Nikon Small World in Motion winners announced

Nikon hosted the 12th Small World in Motion competition, which showcases life under the microscope. A similar microphotography competition has existed since 1975, and in 2011 Nikon organized a separate competition for videographers. There are no categories and special requirements. The main thing for the jury is originality, commitment to scientific topics and technical dexterity.

This philosophy is perfectly embodied in the work of the winner: Eduardo Zattara, a biologist from Argentina, created a wonderful video from an eight-hour observation of the migration of neural crest cells in a zebrafish egg. To demonstrate the process of embryo development as clearly as possible, the author used fluorescence.

Representatives of Nikon note that the development of technology does not bypass the microvideography competition: every year the work of the authors becomes more technologically advanced and detailed, and Zattar’s video is the best confirmation of this.

Second place in the competition went to French researcher Christophe Leterrier for a time-lapse of a 12-hour observation session of monkey cell cultivation. The video shows a 60x magnification of the plasma membrane (yellow) and DNA (blue).

The third place went to the video with the work of neurons in the stinging cells of the sea anemone (anemone).

Below are a number of videos that attracted the attention of the jury.

  • Psychedelic video with Epsom salt crystallization.

  • Terrifying video of hay eaters devouring a dead orchid bee (Euglossini).

  • Mosquito larvae hatching from eggs underwater.

  • Movement of ciliates of the genus Euplotes.

  • Magical appearance of structural coloration when a marine bacterium (Cellulophaga lytica) grows on agar

  • Larvae of marine plankton (Phyllodoce maculata) close-up.

  • And finally, an amazing video with varying degrees of approximation, which depicts ciliates of the genus Spirostomum in a drop of water.

You can watch even more of these videos on the official website of the Nikon Small World in Motion competition.

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