Samsung is preparing a Galaxy S smartphone without physical keys

According to South Korean leaker OreXda, Samsung plans to remove all physical keys from its Galaxy S series smartphones. In the future, these devices will not have a power button or volume rockers.

Illustration: OreXda / Twitter

The functions of all keys will be reassigned to touch control, but it is not yet known what will replace the power button. Perhaps these will be pressure-sensitive sensors in the frame or back panel.

This solution will allow the manufacturer to increase the strength and moisture protection of the smartphone. However, for maximum protection, Samsung will also have to abandon the connectors: switch to completely wireless charging, which Apple is also rumored to be planning to do. Such an innovation was expected back in the iPhone 13, but now it is not expected until 2024, when Apple will be forced to abandon Lightning.

The author notes that this should not be expected in the Galaxy S23: at best, the new design will debut with the Galaxy S25 in 2025. We will surely hear more details about it before the release.

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