The first reviews of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are out: we chose the main thing

On the eve of the start of sales of new iPhones , reviews of flagship models began to appear on the Web. We chose from them the main points that surprised, disappointed or pleased the authors.

Dynamic Island

In almost all reviews, the well-designed Dynamic Island interface, which hides the camera and sensors in the middle of the screen, is mentioned among the main advantages of smartphones.

Photo: The Verge

So, in The Verge they noted that the cutout is at least noticeable, but it literally comes to life before our eyes, moves and, in general, looks very organic. At the same time, it is not an element with which you need to interact, although in the case of the display of player buttons, this is also possible.

Dynamic Island replaces and enhances all system status indicators in iOS, but does not replace the Notification Center.

The Verge

Photo: The Verge

Liked Dynamic Island and the authors of the portal Tom’s Guide. Theynoted that the notch now not only looks better than on other smartphones, but also offers real value where other devices simply do nothing.

TechCrunch called this “island” a real feat by Apple, which turned a mediocre notch into a useful tool that improves the user experience.

Engadget added that Dynamic Island’s biggest impact so far is aesthetic.

It’s nice to see the “tablet” turn into a square when signing into an app or Apple Pay with Face ID, and a right turn arrow appears as I navigate through the navigator.



The flagships were also praised for the new 48 megapixel camera. In many cases, it shoots about the same as the 12 MP in the iPhone 13 Pro, but in detail, especially in dim light, it wins.

Photo: The Verge

However, this level of detail also has its drawbacks – sometimes algorithms make frames excessively sharp and unnatural. This is especially noticeable at night.

On the left is the iPhone 14 Pro, on the right is the Pixel 6 Pro. Photo: The Verge

Compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the iPhone is less predictable. Samsung consistently retains more color detail in low light, and it’s not as picky about noise reduction and sharpening. In bright light, the differences between the 14 Pro and S22 Ultra are more subtle, but the Samsung still does a better job of detailing.

The Verge

On the left is the iPhone 14 Pro, on the right is the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Photo: The Verge

The current Samsung flagships also do better with portraits – they separate the hairs much more accurately and blur the background softer.

The 12-megapixel wide-angle module has become noticeably better thanks to the new sensor. The edges of the frame are now sharper, there are fewer artifacts and noise, shadow processing has become better.

On the left is the iPhone 14 Pro, on the right is the Pixel 6 Pro. Photo: Tom’s Guide

As for the selfie camera, it’s still quite good, but the appearance of autofocus is hardly noticeable. The pictures are about the same as on the iPhone 13 Pro. Tom’s Guide added that compared to the Pixel 6, Apple’s new product is still ahead. Sample photo above.


The displays of the new flagships are still the best in the industry, noted in The Verge and Tom’s Guide. The appearance of the Always-On Display mode only adds points to their piggy bank, although this technology noticeably affects the autonomy of smartphones.

Since it looks so much like a lock screen, I sometimes got confused and pressed the side button to turn off the display. I also tried to swipe left to open the camera, thinking that the screen was active, when in fact the phone was in a “sleep” state with AOD enabled.


Photo: The Verge

TechRadar also praised the Always-On Display:

We’re genuinely impressed with how Apple has approached this feature. Instead of reverting to a simplified black and white screen, Apple reduces most of the brightness and most of the color, but leaves information visible, including the date, time, focus mode, and data and photos from lock screen widgets. The display will even show the media you’re playing (such as album art), and the 1Hz refresh rate reduces power consumption.

The greatly increased brightness of the screens was highly appreciated by TechCrunch, noting that it is really noticeable outdoors in the sun – in comparison with the iPhone 13 Pro, the colors really look brighter.


The authors of the review in The Verge called the iPhone 14 Pro a small remix of the iPhone 13 Pro, which at one time became the real culmination of many Apple ideas. The new flagship is new ideas that must stand the test of time.

According to the editors of TechCrunch, this year’s iPhones represent a series of major upgrades across the spectrum of hardware and software. Smartphones can be safely recommended to those who have not updated the iPhone for a long time, expecting something really new.

Photo: The Verge

Tom’s Guide named the new iPhone 14 Pro the best phone Apple has ever made:

With its incredible cameras, beautiful display, and powerful performance, the iPhone 14 Pro outshines any competitor. It’s faster and smoother, and its cameras outperform all other peers, even the Pixel 6 Pro (although it’s close in some areas).

TechRadar editors expressed similar enthusiasm for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which they called “the best there is in the iPhone world today.”

However, with all these emotions, the authors of the reviews did not forget about the shortcomings of the devices. They included:

  • incorrect work of some applications with Dynamic Island;
  • excessive sharpness of pictures on the main camera;
  • slow by modern standards charging;
  • only 3x optical zoom;
  • Lightning instead of USB-C;
  • noticeable “leakage” of battery power at high screen brightness.

In your opinion, do the advantages of new products cover such disadvantages?

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