When to rent a house and how to get fresh fries: Netizens share professional secrets and life hacks

A new interesting thread has appeared on Reddit. In it, representatives of different professions tell non-obvious details about their work and share recommendations that can make life easier for everyone. Lifehacker chose the most interesting and useful.

Call centers and service

  • “If you want a free service or a discount, please contact the support team and let them know that you want to close the contract or switch to another operator. The employee is required not to let the client leave, so you are almost guaranteed to get a good offer.” — MushroomWhisperer
  • “When the operator or call center employee asked you to wait but didn’t turn on the music, he hears everything you say.” — ayarbee
  • “Calls are not actually answered in the order they were received” – Player7592

Food and restaurants

  • “When choosing bread, look at the clip-tape on which they write the date. If it is upside down relative to others, it means that the package was opened and then closed manually. It is also indicated by a twisted package (machines do not twist packages) or inhomogeneous pieces of bread in the package (different color, size, etc.),” Somnambule88
  • “In fast food restaurants during hot hours (for example, at lunchtime), popular inexpensive positions are prepared in advance, and then simply reheated. Expensive burgers are usually made from scratch. If you want a fresh, cheap burger, change the mix (remove the mustard, add more onions, etc.). And french fries are always salted immediately after frying, so choose unsalted fries if you want guaranteed freshness.” — DarkReaper90
  • “If the restaurant has a large menu, the food is most likely mediocre and frozen. The exception is Chinese and Mexican restaurants, where they cook 50 dishes from the same 8 ingredients.” — imatyourwhim
Shot from the series “Hell’s Kitchen”

Real estate and rental housing

  • “If you’re renting, it’s best to change your apartment in the winter, not the summer. In the summer, demand is high and prices rise, in the low season, prices are lower, and the chance of getting an additional discount is higher. The best period is November, it is also good to move after the winter holidays.” — 503_Three_Stars
  • “When moving to a new place, do not move furniture and things all at once. First, shoot a video in which you go around all the rooms, pointing out all the flaws found. Be sure to state the date, time, and location of the shoot—and preferably send the video to the realtor or owner the same day. So you had iron evidence if they tried to accuse you of something before leaving, ” Drunk_Skunk1

IT, software and security

  • “At any given time, about 10-20% of the sites on the entire Internet are down by a thread, and the developers are in a panic trying to fix it. All the multi-million dollar resources that you use every day are held on by scotch tape and sticks.” – ideit
  • “The main threat to the security of company data is not really old computers, insufficient protection of the local network or infrequent system updates, but the employees themselves. In an average company, every second employee will quietly give any login and password by mail to anyone who calls himself a colleague, ”- DrummerGuy06
  • “If you need to buy software for a company, ask for prices, but don’t buy right away. Wait until the end of the quarter, contact a sales representative and say that you are ready to buy everything today, but you can only afford 70% of the cost. At the end of the quarter, your chances of getting a discount are maximum.” — nurplethepurple
  • “For every publicly confirmed data breach, there are 50 that the company decided to hide from prying eyes. Data security is a complex task, and not everyone has the skills and desire to ensure it,” AlterEdward
  • “A big part of working in IT comes down to always knowing what and where you need to find” — FhKaI
Shot from the series “Doctor House”

The medicine

  • “If you didn’t see your regular doctor and he advised you to get another doctor’s opinion, it’s very likely that he is concerned about the quality of care you’re getting now. Such advice is always worth heeding.” — Turbulent-Respond654
  • “Working as an ophthalmologist’s assistant, I realized that it’s not worth ordering glasses at the clinic, even if you really like the frame: you are almost guaranteed to overpay, often several times. Most models have a number on the inside of the temple. Remember and write it down, and then look on the Internet: you will surely find this frame cheaper – perhaps even directly from the manufacturer. – Icy-Chest4454
  • “If you are a man and for the sake of fun you decide to take a pregnancy test, and it turned out to be positive, go to the doctor: this may not indicate a spoiled test, but testicular cancer,” herranton

Recreation and tourism

  • “When going on vacation, find out when the peak season is in the direction of interest. Holiday prices are usually lower at the beginning and end of the season. Try to book early: tourism staff are usually completely exhausted towards the end of the season. At the beginning, they are full of energy and desire to earn money,” firebired_sweet
  • “Be polite at the hotel reception and you’ll get a better room – maybe even a free upgrade. If a person is rude or rude, he is almost guaranteed to get the worst number in his class – preferably by an elevator that will open and close right in front of his ear all night, ”- You_are_a_dolt

What professional life hacks do you know? Tell in the comments!

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