Is it worth it to watch "The Reckless" – a crime comedy in the spirit of Guy Ritchie

On September 15, the film “The Bespredelshchiki” was released in Russian distribution. The director and screenwriter was Savvas D. Michael – not the most famous author who shot “Smoking Guns” and “Red Devil”. He also played one of the secondary roles in the new tape. The main star of the project is Vinnie Jones, but his character appears on the screen for only a few minutes.

In the center of the plot is the Rascals bar in London. The owner of the establishment, a Greek migrant Platon, and visitors have known each other for many years and always help each other. They often break the law and get into trouble because of it. One day, the owner of the Rascals loses a large sum of money to Lola, the crime queen of North London. Plato has no funds to pay off the debt, and he is threatened by Willard, a mad killer who is in love with Lola. The heroes must unite to save the life of an old friend.

Bright characters with an interesting story

The main trump card of the film “The Bespredelshchiki” is the heroes. Some regional stars, petty crime geniuses appear on the screen. Each of them not only has an unusual appearance and strange habits, but also an interesting past. One of the characters gave up his acting career for unemployment benefits. Another brags about the number of abortions he has instigated in his life, although he cannot pay for another due to lack of money.

Colorful biographies go well with the actions of the characters. The characters are insane, and this has become a habit for a long time.

Politically incorrect humor and sexism

“Bespredelshchiki” pour black humor on the viewer from the first minute. There is no need to talk about political correctness – everyone insults everyone on the basis of origin or sexual orientation. So, a dark-skinned visitor to the bar has the nickname Mavros, that is, “black” in Greek, is his defense against racist attacks. At the same time, he uses the color of his skin to impersonate a Jamaican who can get drugs – a man earns by deceiving white Englishmen.

In addition, the film is filled with sexist jokes, the characters just talk with them. For them, this is not humor, but a vision of the world; the characters are quite critical of women.

If politically incorrect phrases scare you, then you should not watch Bespredelshchikov, it will be unpleasant.

Huge variety of references

Despite the external simplicity of the plot, there are many allusions and references in the picture. Inspirations range from Scorsese’s Goodfellas or Ritchie’s Cards, Money, Two Smoking Barrels to The Iliad and ancient Greek myths. Not without reason among the heroes there are Plato and Achilles (the latter is played by the director). And in the finale it turns out that some Greek legends help not only to create images, but also to develop the action.

Shot from the movie “The Reckless”

The number of references found depends on the desire and attentiveness of the viewer – Savvas D. Michael offers an interesting postmodern game.

Uneven pace and pauses

One of the key problems of the Bespredelshchikov is their heterogeneity. There are vivid scenes with great dialogue that are not only valuable in themselves, but also move the plot. But they are accompanied by episodes that do not tell anything, but last too long. Either the hero shares a story from the past, or the off-screen voice tells the biography of another character – the action is artificially slowed down. If you throw out everything superfluous from the film, then it will last about 30 minutes – you get half an hour of a good movie. However, this is only a third of the total timing.

Shot from the movie “The Reckless”

There are many long scenes in the film, shot with one or two cameras. It is generally difficult to find unusual camera angles and interesting camera moves in The Bespredelschiki, and this is bad. After all, they could diversify boring pieces.

False Hero Difficulty

Another problem of “Bespredelshchikov” is an ambiguous attitude towards the characters. On the one hand, they are shown as crazy and funny bandits . They were made deliberately bright and funny, each biography is full of comical acts. On the other hand, the heroes are constantly trying to complicate. At such moments, the pace begins to sag, and the internal logic of the film collapses.

It is appropriate to recall the “Big Snatch”, where exactly the same criminals remain insane throughout the whole picture, so it is interesting to watch them. “Boundless” seem to be embarrassed by the caricature of the characters, making them more human, but very clumsily.

Shot from the movie “The Reckless”

“The Outlaws” is the most uneven film. A wonderful 15 minutes are replaced by a ten-minute boring monologue, bright references coexist with banal plot twists. At the same time, most of the problems are compensated by the charisma of the characters and a kind of humor . If you miss the old Guy Ritchie, then this movie is for you.

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