Let me know: what do you collect?

” Let me know ” is a rubric for our readers’ stories. Every week we launch a survey and look forward to your comments. The most interesting of them end up in articles and collections.

You may have read our article on the weird things people collect. In it, we wrote about collectors of shark teeth, bowling balls, rubber ducks and heart-shaped stones.

Celebrities are not far behind. So, Tom Hanks boasts a collection of typewriters – he has 250 of them! At the same time, they do not stand idle on the shelf. To-do lists, thank-you notes, script sketches, all come out from under the metal letters of Hanks’ typewriters. He says the typing process calms him down.

Tom Hanks with several typewriters from his collection. Frame: Gravitas Ventures / YouTube

Another actress, Reese Witherspoon, also loves rare things – you can find many sets of vintage underwear in her wardrobe. Johnny Depp loves to collect Barbie dolls. Love for them was transmitted from the daughter of Lily-Rose, with whom he played mother-daughter. What do you think the eccentric director David Lynch collects? Dead flies!

The passion with which keen enthusiasts look for rare and unusual things is impressive and admirable. Are you collecting something? How many items are in your collection? How did this hobby start? Tell us and share photos!

Let me know: what do you collect?

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