The comparison revealed the most efficient original charger for iPhone 14

Chinese publication Chongdiantou tested 11 adapters from Apple to find out which one is best for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Po Max. The two devices tested are not accidental: the batteries of the base models support a maximum charging power of 25W, while the Pro versions support 27W.

Photo: Chongdiantou

Blocks with a power of up to 18 to 140 watts were tested. 30 W can be considered the best option: with this adapter, the average charging power was 26.28 W for the iPhone 14 Pro Max and about 25 W for the iPhone 14. There was no significant difference when using more powerful units.

iPhone 14 Pro Max charging power when using different adapters Apple / Chongdiantou

Interestingly, the iPhone 14 Pro Max was briefly able to charge around 29W when using the outdated 29W adapter that came with the 12-inch MacBook and was discontinued in 2018.

The base version has also been tested with third-party chargers like Baseus, Ugreen, Anker, Huawei, and Xiaomi. It turned out that blocks of 20-25 W give out only 19-21 W, but with adapters from 30 W, stable charging at 25 W is already underway.

Photo: Chongdiantou

For comparison, last year’s iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max charge at 23W and 27W, respectively (although only 20W were officially reported).

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