41 great birthday gifts for wife

What to give your wife if she loves gadgets

1. Smartphone

A brand new smartphone with powerful hardware, an outstanding camera and additional features like a waterproof case will never be superfluous.

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2. Smart watch

Activity monitoring, heart rate detection, synchronization with a smartphone and instant notifications – a smart watch performs a lot of functions and can greatly simplify your spouse’s life.

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3. Powerbank

So that the wife always stays in touch and can recharge gadgets, even if there are no outlets nearby. For added ease of use, look for batteries that support wireless charging.

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4. Wireless headphones

Replacing old wired models with modern ones with Bluetooth connectivity is a great idea. And if the wife already has wireless headphones, then you can give a newer model. For example, with a more powerful battery.

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5. Tripod

If your lady loves to take pictures, then a tripod is indispensable. It will help you take cool selfies, shoot amazing time-lapses and other videos.

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6. Wireless speaker

A powerful bass-boosting speaker, a whimsically shaped compact gadget, or a waterproof speaker for beach parties – choose the right model and feel free to gift your music lover wife.

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What to give your wife if she likes to take care of herself

1. A set of cosmetics

It can be a set of cosmetics for skin or hair care, an eye shadow palette or a whole palette of lipsticks. The main thing is to study the available jars and tubes in advance, so as not to miscalculate with the type of skin, hair and favorite shades.

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2. Hair styler

The styler is a multifunctional device with different attachments for styling, straightening and curling hair. With such a little thing, the wife will be able to change the image in a matter of minutes.

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3. Massage brush

A simple and useful device will help get rid of make-up residues, cleanse the skin of dust and excess sebum. Also, the brush will gently massage the face, temporarily improve blood flow and give a healthy and fresh look.

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4. Smart scales

Smart scales differ from conventional scales in that, in addition to weight, they can determine muscle and bone mass, height, the amount of fluid and adipose tissue, and other body parameters. In a word, they help to monitor health, adjust training and nutrition.

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5. Illuminated mirror

It can be a large stationary mirror, and a compact model on a stand. The first will take pride of place in the dressing room or near the closet, so that the wife can see herself in full growth during the training camp and can take cool pictures. And the second will help to apply flawless makeup.

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6. Electric toothbrush

Such a brush effectively cleans plaque, while not injuring the teeth and gums. Most models are equipped with several operating modes, a two-minute timer and short alerts that signal the need to change the brushing area.

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What to give your wife if she loves fashion

1. Wallet

It can be a full-size model, in which, in addition to money, even a smartphone will fit. Or a compact wallet with two or three folds, which takes up a minimum of space in the bag.

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2. Laptop bag

A durable, roomy and stylish bag for a laptop and accessories will delight your wife almost every day and complement a business look.

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3. Umbrella

A high-quality umbrella with strong needles, a large canopy and a well-functioning mechanism will surely appeal to many women who love beautiful accessories and appreciate comfort.

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4. Scarf, tippet or shawl

A warm scarf or stole made of wool will warm you up in winter, and a light silk one will complement a gentle spring look, decorate a bag and look great on your hair.

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5. Jewelry

Several fashionable bracelets, a set of earrings and a necklace, or a classic ring with one large stone – be guided by the preferences of your spouse and choose the appropriate option.

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6. Set of underwear

An obvious one that many people forget. Before you go to the store or place an online order, study the tags on your wife’s underwear and write down the correct size. It will take a little time, but you will definitely avoid failure.

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What to give your wife if she is fond of sports

1. Sports bag

Choose a bag with a roomy main compartment and plenty of smaller ones. So the wife can easily put everything you need into it: uniform, shoes, towel, washcloth, gel, shampoo and hair balm.

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2. Home workout kit

Such sets are found in different configurations and may consist of a rug, expanders with different resistance, dumbbells, jump rope, gymnastic balls.

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3. Protection set

A set of a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads will not interfere even with a person who confidently skates, skates, bikes or scooters. After all, a professional is not immune from falls and bruises.

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4. Subscription to the gym or swimming pool

Photo: KeithJJ / Pixabay

The gift will be appropriate only if the wife herself has expressed a desire to visit such places or already goes there regularly. Otherwise, the subscription can be taken as a hint that it’s time to take care of yourself.

5. Sneakers

Fashionable massive sneakers are unlikely to fit, but mesh ones with shock-absorbing soles will come in handy. In addition to conventional models, you can consider smart ones with chips that track physical activity.

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What to give your wife if she likes to mess around in the kitchen

1. Grill

On the grill you can fry meat, fish, vegetables, make hot sandwiches, shawarma and a lot of other dishes. In addition, everything is prepared without oil, which means it is more beneficial for the figure.

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2. Steamer

Another device for connoisseurs of healthy eating. Foods cooked in a double boiler retain useful elements, do not lose color and shape, and often look more appetizing than fried or stewed dishes.

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3. Food processor

The food processor combines several devices and copes with various tasks: rubs, cuts, shreds, purees, stabs. In a word, it saves a lot of time and energy.

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4. Kitchen scales

The compact scale allows you to measure the exact amount of ingredients to cook exactly according to recipes and helps you control portion sizes.

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What to give your wife if she appreciates a good rest

1. Computer chair

If your wife is an avid gamer or works remotely, then you should take a closer look at comfortable adjustable chairs. They provide an anatomically correct fit, which reduces the load on the spine. So, the working day and the marathon of computer games will be comfortable.

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2. Massager

A pleasant relaxing massage right at home is the dream of many after a hard day at work. A multifunctional massager will easily bring it to life: it will relieve tension and loosen up stiff muscles.

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3. Certificate for massage or SPA salon

Photo: rhythmuswege / Pixabay

And this is already heavy artillery, when one massager is not enough for a complete recovery. Give your wife a day off full of pleasant procedures and self-care.

4. Wine accessories

These can be original glasses, an automatic corkscrew or a vintner with several compartments for snacks, bottles of wine and glass holders. As an addition to the gift, good drinks will not interfere.

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5. Paint by numbers

Coloring is an easy way to relax and relieve stress. A huge plus is that the lesson is suitable for everyone without exception. Even for those who are not good at drawing.

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6. Book

Photo: Sophkins / Pixabay

A fascinating book will brighten up any evening, help you reboot and get rid of disturbing thoughts, at least for a while. Depending on the preferences of the wife, you can give works of fiction or professional literature.

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7. Folding chair

When folded, it is very compact and fits in the trunk of any car. And when unfolded, it turns into a comfortable place for outdoor recreation.

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8. Sex toy

If the wife is ready for experiments and does not mind relaxing, then a sex toy is a great gift. Look for personal stimulants or devices that can be used in pairs.

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What to give your wife if she loves her car

1. DVR

An incredibly useful gift will save your nerves if you have to prove your case in a controversial situation.

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2. Radar detector

If the wife travels a lot for work or likes to travel by car, then a radar detector is indispensable. It will warn you about cameras on the roads and notify you of the speed limit.

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3. Neck pillow

Another accessory for lovers of long trips. You can choose the option in the form of different cute animals, with a mask and earplugs included to spend the night in the car in comfort, or with a retainer so that the pillow does not move out during the rest.

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4. Compressor

Of course, many women are able to inflate tires themselves with a foot pump. But things will go faster if an automatic compressor takes over.

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5. Thermal mug

A mug with a sealed lid will help you enjoy a hot drink while driving for a long time and not stain yourself and the interior of the car if there is a bump or pit on the road.

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6. Seat covers

Capes will protect the interior from dirt and dust. In addition, it is easier to remove and wash the cover than to wash the seat upholstery. There are different models: made of artificial and genuine leather, fur, with additional heating for winter trips and more.

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