9 cool challenges to test strength, flexibility and coordination

If you think you are well prepared, try these exercises. Some require impressive shoulder and back mobility, while others require no restrictions in the hip joint, a developed sense of balance and muscle strength.

Start challenges at the end of a not very intense workout, or at least after a good warm-up, so that the muscles are warm and not damaged by a sudden movement. And if you are not confident in your abilities, ask a friend to insure you.

1. Stick exercise for shoulder flexibility

For this challenge you will need a long and light stick. You can use PVC pipes, which are often found in gyms, or take a regular mop.

Take the stick with a grip about one and a half times wider than the shoulders so that it is located behind the hips, and the palms are facing forward. Through the top, bring straight arms to a position in front of the body.

Circle the leg on the outside around the arm and place it inside, behind the stick. Then move the stick around your back, bring your arms forward and put your other leg behind the stick. Try doing it both ways.

2. Kettlebell Pistol Squat

If you know how to perform a pistol and have good coordination , try this challenge. Just clear the space around in advance so that in case of a fall you don’t stumble on hard objects. Also, take off your shoes and socks so your feet won’t slip.

3. Dumbbell Cross Leg Pistol

If the previous challenge turned out, complicate the task. To begin with, you can perform the movement on a more stable support than a dumbbell, such as a stool or a small stand.

Bend your knee and lift your shin. Put your hand behind your back and grasp the toe of your foot. Bring your leg forward while straightening it and lowering into a squat. Do not let go of the foot. Climb back up in the same way.

If this worked out, try to perform the movement on the dumbbells. Just make sure that it stands securely and that the pancakes do not spin.

4. Full turn in the bridge

Place one hand on the floor. Place a small object like a phone on the back of your hand. Your task is to go a full circle without lifting your palm from the floor.

5. Push-ups on the rings

Stand upright with your hands on the rings. Perform push-ups, trying to maintain balance. To avoid falling, do this exercise on a non-slip surface.

6. Putting on the rings in the hang on the horizontal bar

For this challenge, you need two free rings and a horizontal bar. Put both shells on one shoulder and hang on the horizontal bar.

Release one hand, raise the ring to the level of your wrist, stick your free hand into it and grab the horizontal bar. Then tear off the second hand, remove it from the ring and put the projectile on your free shoulder. Do the same with the other ring.

7. Throwing rings from foot to foot through the “corner”

You only need one ring to complete this challenge. And also the ability to do a squat-pistol and at least a short time to stay in the “corner” on your hands.

Raise your leg, put the ring on it and lower yourself into a pistol squat. Then, holding on to your hands, lift your supporting leg and insert it into the ring. Return to the bottom of the pistol squat, now on the second leg, and stand up. Repeat the same on the other side.

8. Getting out of the rings in a handstand

This is a challenge for those who are confident enough to stand on their hands.

Put two rings on the floor, put your hands in them and smoothly or with a push go into a handstand. In turn, take your hands out of the rings, placing them on the floor, and then return to the starting position.

9. Backbend on your knees

Get on your knees and pick up your phone or other small object. Bend back, touch the floor with this object and rise back up.

Share your successes in the comments to the article. How many moves were made?

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