How to deal with a panic attack? We discuss in the podcast "Who would say"

In each episode of the new season of the Who Would Talk podcast, the hosts read real stories and questions from listeners about what worries them, and discuss with experts how to overcome difficulties and get out of the current situation.

In the latest issue we are talking about panic attacks. What is it, how to recognize them and how to make sure that they do not exist, whether it is worth contacting a specialist or you can try to cope with seizures on your own – psychologist Elena Kotova answers all these questions.

01:14 – Presenters read out a letter from a listener who suffers from panic attacks.

04:14 – what kind of condition is this and for what reasons it can arise.

05:51 – are bad habits associated with panic attacks and does a healthy lifestyle help to cope with sudden bouts of severe anxiety .

09:19 – is there any benefit from drugs or is it necessary to overcome the disease only together with a psychologist.

15:02 – how to help a friend who is experiencing an episode of severe uncontrollable fear.

24:51 – how a person can help himself with a panic attack.

32:24 – whether there is a certain duration for this state.

33:58 – is there any point in meditationif a person is prone to panic attacks.

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