NASA released the sounds of a meteoroid that crashed into Mars

The Martian seismic station InSight sent unusual data to Earth: the sounds of a meteoroid that fell on Mars on September 5, 2021. Deciphered and processed them just now.

The 11-second audio recording was posted on SoundCloud. For the first few seconds, only the Martian wind is heard (and possibly some hum from the rover itself). Then the relative silence is broken by the roar of a meteorite that explodes and crashes into the surface of the planet.

This is the first time that the sound of a meteoroid impact has been recorded on another planet, which makes the recording even more impressive. NASA adds that in those 11 seconds, three distinct sounds can be heard: a meteoroid enters the atmosphere, breaks apart, and then hits the planet’s surface.

At the same time, this may be one of the last high-profile headlines for InSight: in July, the station was transferred to an energy-saving mode, and by December, its life will finally come to an end.

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