What is important to know for those who are planning to move to Kazakhstan

The documents

A Russian citizen can enter Kazakhstan with both a foreign and an all-Russian passport. Children under 14 can use a birth certificate to verify their identity. At the same time, it is allowed to stay in the country without additional permits for up to 90 days. To stay longer, you need a good reason: study, work in a local company, or something similar. If you are going to stay in Kazakhstan for more than 30 days, you need to register with the local migration service.

Coronavirus entry restrictions no longer apply . So neither the result of the PCR test nor the vaccination certificate will be needed.

A residence permit is issued on standard grounds:

  • employment;
  • marriage;
  • family reunification (only close relatives are suitable – parents, children, grandparents, brothers and sisters);
  • education;
  • opening a business.

To obtain permanent residence, you need to live in the country for more than three years.


From Russia to Kazakhstan you can get by plane, train or by car.

Plane tickets at normal times, if there are no heartbreaking events, are quite affordable, and flying from Moscow to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, is a little more than three hours.

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By train you can go to Karaganda from Samara and Omsk, to Almaty from Kazan, to Atyrau from Astrakhan. Also, some passing trains stop on the territory of Kazakhstan.

By car you can go through the Altai Territory, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Kurgan, Omsk, Orenburg, Saratov, Novosibirsk or Chelyabinsk regions.

The cost of bus tickets depends on the point of departure and destination, but in general it is not very high.

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The state language of Kazakhstan is Kazakh. But along with it, the Russian language is used everywhere , including in state bodies and local governments.


The currency of Kazakhstan is tenge. The exchange rate, of course, fluctuates, but recently one ruble is equal to about 8–9 tenge.

Officially, Kazakhstan is considered a country where Mir payment system cards work. But commercial banks themselves decide whether to service such cards. So there is a risk that it will be problematic to pay with Mir or withdraw cash. UnionPay cards are still working .

At the same time, a Russian, as a rule, can open a card at a local bank, but the institution has additional requirements. For example, sometimes they require you to confirm that you are studying or working in the country.

You can transfer money from Russia to Kazakhstan using the Golden Crown and Unistirim services , as well as by postal order. It will be possible to replenish cards of Kazakh banks from the Russian Federation through MTS.Money or Post.Bank


Temporary accommodation options can be found on Booking.com and AirBnB . Unlike Russia , these services work in Kazakhstan. To rent an apartment or a room in Astana, on average, you need to prepare 25-40 dollars.

Screenshot: Airbnb

For long-term rentals, there are OLX , Roof , Market and other services. Prices, as expected, increase along with an increase in the number of people wishing to rent a house. Now, depending on the area, the average price is 170-200 thousand tenge. This is 21-25 thousand rubles.


The Bureau of National Statistics in the middle of the year named prices for socially important goods. It turned out like this:

  • Flour – 220 tenge per 1 kilogram (28 rubles).
  • Sugar – 517 tenge per kilogram (65 rubles).
  • Wheat bread – 188 tenge per roll (24 rubles).
  • Buckwheat – 501 tenge per 1 kilogram (64 rubles).
  • Butter – 3,256 tenge per 1 kilogram (415 rubles).
  • Chicken meat – 1,138 tenge per 1 kilogram (145 rubles).
  • Beef – 2,200 tenge per 1 kilogram (280 rubles).
  • Pasteurized milk – 307 tenge per 1 liter (39 rubles).
  • Potatoes – 183 tenge per 1 kilogram (23 rubles).
  • Carrots – 206 tenge per 1 kilogram (36 rubles).
  • Eggs – 369 tenge per dozen (47 rubles).

Of course, the official figures always look overly optimistic. But on average, the order of prices can be imagined.

Prices in cafes are also on average affordable. With lunch or dinner in an inexpensive institution, you can meet 300 rubles.


Activ , Beeline , Tele2 and others operate in Kazakhstan. You can buy a SIM card in stores, stalls – in general, almost everywhere. But then both it and the device where it will be used must be registered with the operator.

A tariff with 18 gigabytes of Internet, depending on the operator, will cost 4.5–5 thousand tenge (about 600 rubles).

Screenshot: Active


The average salary in Kazakhstan is 312 thousand tenge (40 thousand rubles). The official unemployment rate is not very high – 4.9% . Which, however, does not mean that it will be easy for a foreigner to find a place here. But this is not impossible either. Especially for highly qualified specialists. A Russian citizen does not need a work permit to work in Kazakhstan.

You can look for a job at HeadHunter , Rabota.kz , RabotaNur , Superjob .

At the same time, the option remains to work for a company located in another country. Just then you need to come up with a justification why you are in Kazakhstan for a long time.


The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Kazakhstan warns that Russian health insurance policies are not valid in Kazakhstan. Free assistance will be provided only in an emergency and only to eliminate the threat to the life of the patient. At the same time, treatment bills can reach hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Therefore, it is better to take out medical insurance – international or local.


Food can be ordered through Glovo or Yandex.Food . Call a taxi – through Yandex.Taxi , InDriver . Specialists for performing services – search on Yandex.Services , Profi , Market .

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